Social Media Networks: How To Grow Your Online Brand

Social media Networks:How to grow your online brand

A question we hear a lot from people who are new to social media is “what  Social Media Networks should I use a and how should I post on social media and when should I post it”?and how to use social media platforms to grow online presence of my business?a webinar is a great place for you to start. keep track over a time and adjust based on your audience engagement.


It’s Time To choose your Social Media Networks wisely to Grow Your Business.

Let dig deeper into each social channels, which can be pretty helpful for you to understand your business and audience. We will discuss in nutshell the importance of each channel here

  • Facebook: Grow your audience through engaging creative and content.

Professional on facebook

If they are not friends with you. People can usually see your profile pictures, things you Like  and your personal information. Make sure that your profile should appear professional on facebook.Post about your content in a facebook status update. Include an image to boost its news feed visibility and encourage fan interaction by asking for likes/shares, opinions from your fans.

Facebook is low volume/high-value network. Don’t post too frequently-fans get frustrated with too many posts.Make each post count, they should be valuable to your audience and include content that they are in interested.

  • Minimum:3X per week
  • Maximum:10X per week
  • Aim for quality content vs. quantity


  • Twitter: Let your audience know to use twitter for online brand                                                                    Source:freepik

Follow people on twitter who work in your industry. Retweet them and tweet about their articles and content. its great way to make connections and get noticed.Tweet about your content several times throughout the day to make sure everyone you want to see it to gets the best chance to. Don’t forget to include a URL and hashtags.

You can share more here because of the fast pace of conversions happening. Share content created by you curated from other sources just make it’s relevant and interesting to your followers.



  • Youtube: Mesmerise Your Audience through more visual content by adding meaning


Record a youtube video featuring your content. Embed the finished recording in a new blog post and share this facebook and twitter to catch those who prefer to digest information visually.Upload content heavy videos to youtube where you share advice or information with clients, co-workers, and professionals. People will start seeing you as a source and thought leader.



  • WordPress: Let your world be compiled into your site


Create a personal website where you share your resume, background experience, and personal story. WordPress is the great place for creating a website – even for beginners.



  • LinkedIn: Let your profession be know and be flourished


Join groups on LinkedIn that will connect new clients, employers or contacts. its a proven fact that the more people see your name and picture and more likely they will like you. Share your content with your LinkedIn connections. for even greater exposure consider using your work as a basis to start a discussion with your peers.

  • Instagram: Let your audience be charmed with your image



Create an account on Instagram and search for things related to your industry via hashtags(#). Like and comment on people’s photos to get noticed.

Slideshare: Let your audience read important points


Create an account on SlideShare and upload a presentation demonstrating your expertise. People will be impressed and you will come across as knowledgeable.

Google+: Grow your community and let them spread you


Create a Google+ account – it’s great for search rankings. If you write a blog posts or articles track them through Google authorship. Google plus try to look at search history and intent and based on that it represents the best nearest answers in the search. So Google does take google plus into consideration and it strengthens ranking too. Social signals one of the 200 ranking factors to play a vital role in search visibility.

  • Pinterest: Personalise, engage and acknowledge your audience


Get active on Pinterest. There’s a ton of information you can post, repin, and comment on to show you are passionate about what you do. Pin your content to a relevant Pinterest board. For best results, include an eye-catching, shareable image, a keyword-rich description, and a couple of relevant hashtags.


Final Thoughts:

Social Networks undoubtedly are the places where your audience can be made aware, be shared and engaged. But choosing a right network is also important. Before that, you should know your objective and your audience too. Because if the platform is not right, No reason is set, no audience is defined and moreover your content strategy is not right then it becomes a fiasco and can set Shaolin monk’s heart all a flutter.

So what do you think is the most valuable social network for your business and your audience. Please let us know.


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