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SMS marketing, the companies have built their business around SMS in promotion and transaction.

SMS marketing a must tool for all enterprise and brands as a part of marketing effectiveness. When smartphone penetration is increasing with full throttle and gearing up to the level of 150 M devices by the end of 2015, Users have been downloading lots of applications regardless of its long terms stickiness.

Given then availability of reasonable data pricing and  most of the users are switching to data messaging or OTT application like Whatsapp, vibre, Nimbus, Wechat or other online SMS for fast and cost free communication. Every marketer is leaving no stone unturned as for collecting users or subscribers information in any form whether it is email or mobile number and then use mobile SMS practice. Market is gradually taking paradigm shift towards relevant users for targeting their product and services. Every marketer is making the best of opportunities available in terms of giving the most appropriate deals, discounts and some coupon code to its users. Messaging being instant communication is of great virtue when it comes to alert, reminder or information pertaining to users interest or actionable item.many of the companies use bulk SMS services for their promotion and transaction, bulk SMS services is very useful for  e-commerce companies.


But due to some rigidity on messaging by TRAI, only Non-opted in users can be inundated with promotion related sms regardless of right segmentation. ROI has become harrowing due to lack of proper data accuracy. Real estate, travel and other industries are undermining the importance of customer privacy and have been taking a toll on mobile users thus plunging their interest and shunning them from reading any SMS from them.

If messaging has to play a show stealing or not to be a run of the mill show, it has to adapt to customer interest and privacy by targeting them at the appropriate time. There has to be few alteration in law while targeting to subscribers for promotion, which at present does not permit marketer to send promotion except transaction SMS (Alerts, reminders and updates) pertinent to users action. So Marketers are forced to use some double standard tactic to target mobile users through Whatsapp and Modem-based (SIM enabled devices). And group SMS is also in trend.

Summing it, I would want to see some foreseeable changes in law, which permits Messaging (Promotion) to subscribers and make it complete reversal to its current structure as far as targeting  to Non-Opted in users are concerned. So allow to send only promotion to subscribers whether it is DND or Non DND.

It will open a huge window for marketer to justify their ROI through this mode which is precise and accurate unlike other mediums

On the other side, a marketer has to respect regulatory compliances and really admire the privacy of users.

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