RankBrain A Search Delight : One Of the Strong Ranking Signals

Do you notice that how accurately you have started getting your result from search and you tend to receive always nearest of the nearest result against your long-tail queries?

Google seems to augment its entire search queries through Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence. That is also named as RankBrain.  The objective of RankBrain is to give the right answer to the query.  Google has been continuously propagating adamantly it’s vociferous intention to minimize the difference between Human and machine by continuous updates in the search algorithm. It started rolling out since early 2015.

So we can say that RankBrain is software that gathers high-level data in order to answer specifically and accurately. At present, the significant fraction of millions of searches is being handled by RankBrain as Google told to Bloomberg and it also said that AI is doing better job slimming the difference between human and Machine while ranking the page based on queries.

 “RankBrain is living up to its AI hype. Google search engineers, who spend their days crafting the algorithms that underpin the search software, were asked to eyeball some pages and guess which they thought Google’s search engine technology would rank on top. While the humans guessed correctly 70 percent of the time, RankBrain had an 80 percent success rate”

From Bloomberg

This means that search is going to be more precision based. This is harbinger of great user experience

Let us try to delve deeper into some of the questions on AI (RankBrain).

  • What is Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence?

It is a program where computer as machine teaches and learn itself like a human to sort through billion of pages in a fraction of seconds intelligently.

  • How does it work?

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to integrate the humongous amount of data or written the language into mathematical entities called –VECTOR. That can be understood by Computer. Let’s say if machine finds any word or phrase, which it does not understand then it finds out where this word or phrase was used in indexed data and trot out nearest possible and similar meaning against the word and phrase. Thus, it retrieves more accurate result for search queries.

Let us see the example below. It has given the accurate results like CEO and Chairman against the query “ What is top executive name in company


Google has been trying to establish the connection between seemingly unconnected searches and understands the similarity between them. It creates the search groups and tries to relate those groups of searches with related topics. RankBrain’s job is to refine the queries and address them from the most nearby related search group based on topics.

It is still to be seen how Rankbrain going to address ambiguous queries in future and what are most sought-after results. For example, I searched for “what is the highest level of the house called” It could not be able to give me precise answer against my query.

Ambiguous answer

You can see that Google returns the queries on facts nicely in the form of Knowledge graph. It has smartly differentiated between strings and things. Strings mean searching for a letter, which matches with the pages containing the letter. Whereas things are real information and facts. When somebody is searching about “when was Pranab Mukherjee elected as the president of India”

It has pulled out the information by understanding the nature of the query, which it understands by relating Pranab Mukherjee with the president of India.


  • How does Knowledge Graph differ from Rankbrain?

RankBrain is more advanced than Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph is a database of facts about things in the world and the relationships between them. It can parse the meaning of the new query and deliver the accurate information than traditional searches. It’s why you can do a search like “Pranab Mukherjee’s wife”.” and get the result as below, without ever using her name. RankBrain works on entire data universe to give the exact and close answer to the questions and whereas Knowlegraph presents the “truth” in more structured way.


  • What impact it is going to cause?

First of all, understand one thing it is one of the important and third most ranking signal embedded in the algorithm. Hummingbird is search algorithm of Google and RankBrain is part of the overall search algorithm, we can say that it is part of hummingbird’s search algorithm.

Since there are more than 200 ranking signals in the search algorithm, so it cannot be said which signal has the huge impact on the search result? But yes making the result precise is the job of this AI and all signals together by justifying their job make users’ search a great experience.

Some foreseeable benefits can be seen through induction of Artificial Intelligence.

Semantic Meaning is now what RankBrain will showcase against the query

Google has gone beyond the exact word search queries the long time ago and now it is more indulgent in to close and similar or synonyms of words searched for. This can be prognosticated that content with related and closely associated words will be given due justice. It proves that Latent semantic Indexing holds water in Google’s search algorithm

You can expect more accurate result

User experience is the prime objective for search behemoth and the most precise result can be retrieved by users.

More refined Mobile Friendly Search result can be expected

It is another factor to broach up RankBrain as Google has said that its mobile search has outsmarted desktop search. Better relevancy means better conversion on paid search, which in turns may justify the PPC ads. It may predominately play the crucial role for paid search ads.

User Review is Important to rank the page

If someone is searching the best restaurant in Connaught place area and users have given the great review like Bar and Lounge “QBA has great ambience and music, Staff is humble, intercontinental food is awesome and tasty”. It will be obviously showcased in result with priority.

Micro moment may matter the most

AI can gauge the Micro-moments of searches by users based on what is he searching, where is he searching and how is he searching. So plugging all these moments will yield better results and great user delight


It augurs well for searchers to satiate their thirst for queries whether be in any form. RankBrainer is just a move by Google to confer the best user search experience and it is proportion to great and mindful content, which Rankbrain will serve to customers semantically, exact match wise and long tail queries wise. The purpose is clearly stated by Google, It will aggregate the information and Machine learning Artificial intelligence find the right nature from the searches groups, which are related to the topic.

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