Outline Your Social Media Marketing Plan Effectively


Are you new in social media marketing and don’t exactly know what to do or what to not? Or probably you already running a business and trying to market your brand. So here are some simple and effective tips that will help your business along the way.


You should make your landing page

Landing page

Source unbounce

Have one central place where your audience can always find you, such as a blog or website. Make sure to keep it updated. No one will visit if there’s nothing new and interesting to see.

Pick a suitable name for your social media pages

suitable facebook oage

Make sure a name is consistent across different social media sites. For example, if you use a twitter name that doesn’t represent your brand name you will confuse your audience and you will be hard to be followed.

Focus on big and major social media

Focus on big and major social media platforms

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Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are  the most influential networks right now. Make sure to link your accounts when possible so you can promote across different platforms.

Know your audience

know about your audience

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There are so many social media sites now that it can be overwhelming. You won’t need to be on all of them 24/7 if you pay attention to where your target audience is spending the majority of their time.

Promote others

promote others

Source www.tintup

Be generous about sharing the content of other businesses of your industry. It will help build relationships and everything you share helps to tell a story about you.

Be prepared

Be prepared

 Source ongoingoperations

Write posts of ahead of time and use a tool like Hootsuite to manage a Facebook page or twitter if you don’t think you can keep up in a real-time manner.

Don’t spam

dont spam

Source millionclues

No one likes a spammer, instead, focus on building relationships with your potential audience. Let them know you are without trying to sell them something 24/7.

Negative voice

negative voice

Source davidmbeecroft.wordpress

Don’t lie don’t make accusations don’t bully or harass it’s not nice and it will come back to you remember that everything you put out there is public.

Be different

be different

Source caniodica.deviantart

Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you have to. It’s better to be a pro at using a few social media accounts than to be average at using all of them

Share your journey with your audience


Source bigthink.com

A story is much more enjoyable to follow than a marketing scheme. Let your customers into your business and may be into your life.make sure you are having fun.

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Outline Your Social Media Marketing Plan Effectively

Are you new in social media marketing and don’t exactly know what to do or what to not? Or probably ...
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