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Social Signal

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Your facebook  and Google + profiles have lots of likes and number of followers. But do those likes and followers contribute to your ranking factors of a site?  If they are not contributing at all then what are they meant for and what is their significance?

Numbers of likes and followers are often mistaken with great engagement. But in reality, they are not engagement. Here comes the importance of social signals in Search engine optimization.

As per Eric of Stone, temple Consulting on significance of social signals

  • Google + is a better place to get your content discovered
  • Your page gets crawled in six minutes and gets indexed in 20 days as per some pilot testing done.
  • Google+ provides do follow backlink benefit when you share links on it.
  • While social signals are important, Eric says they are not weighted the same as getting a link back to your site.
  • Influencer’s authority and endorsing your content and sharing it, is always a desirable and their presence and talking give a fillip in overall ranking of your site.
  • Engagement matters the most and not the followers and page likes. So focus on creating strong social channels to drive it.Google associates signals with engagement happening over the respective channel

We need to correct our understanding on the engagement part of social media. When you have created strong social media, where people are talking about you, associating with you, evangelizing and amplifying your presence through lots of comments, sharing and actively participating in your channel, it is ratified to be showing the strong social signals to search bot. But how does Google take them into consideration through its ranking algorithm?

It does not crawl the social pages that extensively due to privacy setting, time-sensitive nature of content and fear of being blocked by social sites.

Suppose if it indexes those pages, it will end up showing all those information which users did not intend to show. So Google is quite particular in indexing those data or social profile which is varying in nature and quite time sensitive.

Example: A person has blocked some of his friends from his social profile, but Google shows a snippet of those profiles in search result when they were not blocked.

Google has been blowing hot and cold on the relevance of signals and its actual importance in ranking factor SEO wise. But Matt cut of Google has spoken about few parameters in making your social signal stronger and why he does not consider Facebook and Twitter social signal  in ranking algorithm.

  • Google treats facebook and twitter pages just like another indexed pages on the web. He says that likes on facebook and followers on twitter do not hold prominence as there is no parameter applied on ranking algorithm based on likes and followers
  • Social media signal does not affect ranking if the social profile has no follow link and being blocked from public viewing. It is quite intrinsic to platform where user is present

He says

An awesome piece of content doesn’t rank well because it has a lot of Facebook likes, it ranks well because it’s awesome, and in turn it gets shared on Facebook a lot because it’s awesome. He finds correlation not causation between likes and ranking. It is quite dependent upon the content’s power to drives likes and links

3-It is dependent upon who is sharing content and what he is writing and where he is writing.  So it is going to be an identity of a person or influence, which will always play a bigger role in strengthening social signals of individuals. Google will correlate his signals based on his participation across all channels, be it the web, mobile and social.


Social SEO, which is great and full proof strategy to factor in the significant chunk of overall traffic to the site is predominately being the talk of the town. Its role too is to bring an ample number of visitors to the site. The power of this piece of SEO is future and unarguably a charismatic in dying keyword-based SEO. The power of keyword is in its usage and its matching with user’s intent. Keywords (Long-tail), which solve the real problem of users, will rule the roost.

Building great social media with engaging audience and pointing those links to your site will be considered by crawlers if those links are no-follow.

If your customer is talking next time about to increase social signals. Then they should probably inculcate these below 8 steps

1-They should focus on engagement in social media through compelling content and keep hooking up an audience through interactive contents. Creating socially targeted share-worthy content will help drive traffic to your site, and will pass on some much-needed social authority.


Interactive content

2-Should focus on inherent social links through social sites like Stumble upon, delicious and Reddit. As this may further augment the traffic and increased the visibility of your pages. It is one of the natural link building practice is what determines the authority of the page. It is serious off SEO strategy

3-It does not matter if your social channels have No-follow backlinks there, but Google loves to see the traffic coming to your site and user actions on your sites. Drive your users to your site and show them well placed CTA on the sites to take action.

4-Have your Youtube video and link it back to your site. Have a link to your sites across all your social profile like Twitter, FB, Pinterest and google+ on about page of your business or company.

5-Define social share buttons at an appropriate place of the web page, when users are consuming content or browsing pages.

6-You domain authority of your site can increase through lots of back-links from authority sites

7-Try to be present across all useful industry related forum, comment, share and leave your link there. But cement this strategy with the noteworthy discussion. Don’t drop the link just to get the eyeballs.

8-Try to get backlinks from News site. If you are car portal company, you can showcase the strong reasoning and customer benefits in taking your consultancy while choosing a car.

Don’t confuse yourself with the so hyped word social signal. Just understand that you are an artist, who is participating across all media, your performance is sticking out and people are on the edge of a chair to see your performance. Your presence is being witnessed across all social medium. You are being noticed, propagated and discussed for good reasons. Some day you get an offer to work with a great producer. That producer is your chance to get the larger pie of attention. So cultivate your hard work to reap the benefits in long term



 Traffic and ranking have a great correlation. If traffic is driven through social media channels or search engine, in both cases it is your users who are going to stay or come out of it. The End goal is to drive great ROI through customer awareness, interest, desire, and action. Creating strong connects and appeal to your users is the only way to enhance your ranking. But a fact of the matter is that no search engine can rebut the power of social media. Strong Social SEO is going to be surefire to bring lots of traffic through meaningful content to generate signals.



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