Why Startups Need These Nine Growth Hacking Ideas

why startups need these eight growth hacking ideas

Need to attract Visitors on your site for your startup business? want to get Application downloads and get lots orders on your E-commerce site. 

Are you really  serious about your conversion?

You have been thinking to hire a consultant for some time now or fully trained resource to transform your dream into reality.

I am sure these questions often hound you as a startup. You want to present a great business plan to improbable  investors with some figures played around in excel sheet and elevator pitch in PPT format.

An argus-eyed investor would often look at your business stage. it should be in MVP (Minimum viable product) stage to attract some investment from them. You already have got some seed funding during the product creation stage.  Some of You have bootstrapped yourself to go for funding stage.

In all above three-stage, one thing is common that is how to reach the next stage of business? Am I right

It is challenging for any startups to reach next level of growth. What do you think?

Startup has lots of challenges, first it is a lack of right resource and second is customer acquisitions. Customer acquisition can pertain to site traffic, application downloads and a number of customers who have purchased your products or services.

The product you have created is subliminal. It offers above fold experience to your users. It is distinctive and have lots of reasons to attract your audience. The creating distinction would not resolve your anxiety of accelerating business. You need to have structured plan in place to execute that. You need to reach out to your targeted audience to let them know about your distinction.

You might have propounded an excellent business plan. But does that plan has wings to fly. Here I am talking about a marketing plan. You need not splurge a bountiful money on that but need a consultant who can help you out to understand your business goal. That business goal should be strongly supported by all functions of your start-ups.

You may have a multitasking team for variegated works but this really dilutes the effort and thinking. They often end up doing lots of overlapping works, which eventually becomes unmeasurable. I can say that which you would not like to do. Certainly not, Are you?

Follow these 9 Growth hacking ideas, you can imbibe it in your startup.  The goal of every point expressed  here is to get conversion of prospects into customers.

Hire a Marketing Consultant

Consultant for Startups


Yes, that’s right, you need a specialist, who can discern your business goal and growth which you have penned down in your business plan. Marketing Specialist can bring lots of value to it. A specialist can see and gauge your current business and  assess other challenges like what mode of marketing may be best suited.

After weighing down, he can create a structure and try to implement small steps before they become a stride. He will ensure if you actually need a robust social media plan, if yes then what platform and what can be the ROI out of that.

if you are into B2C product or fashion product, e-commerce product etc. He will try to see if you are in need of any paid traffic through PPC, email, affiliate marketing etc. If you are in B2B then he can suggest you Native or contextual advertising etc..

He may assist you, if you need Mobile marketing Solutions and integration of business communication like EMAIL, IVR and SMS together to reach out to your stakeholders quickly.

He will bear down some inputs about your site analysis, current traffic and content strategy.  He will create a marketing strategies by adopting different tactics. As a consultant, his job is to get the best tactics be evolved. You can work with him to optimise the performing source and Medium.

Focus on search experience Optimization than search engine optimization.

You want to achieve breathtaking engagement,  ranking, traffic and conversion. So that you can establish your business with the influx of ceaseless revenue. Here you can surely look at the points mentioned below, which can help you boost your site. There are other factors for getting traffic and ranking is your domain authority. Which you can strengthen gradually when people start talking about you and would point back to your site

Create a Better UI and UX for better engagement.

This is often the most desirable piece of the site and these factors govern the level of engagement of your audience on your site.  If you have these two pieces stitched together, you can expect great traffic, engagement and conversion.

if the overall user interface and the corresponding user experience is effective, users can find their way around a page efficiently and effectively

Continuous Site Analysis

Your developer and system administrator should plug away at site speed, design and fixing of all broken links. All these are the provenance of great the lasting user’s engagement.

The coding on your page can directly affect the responsiveness and speed of your pages. To get to these pages, your servers should also be available and responsive. If your servers or your pages are slow to respond, you can expect increasing abandonment. Conversion ratio may nosedive.

The advent of new coding and structured data tools like schema, microdata, RFDS, which help developers to tag HTML pages in more structured way. It enables search engines to understand your page and can show it up accordingly to users against the query on the search page.

Always Focus on Site’s SEO for organic traffic.

I mean by SEO is more focus on Technical SEO and Onpage SEO, which most of the new sites don’t do it. They get it developed by their developer, who is great in designing and creating it. But does he actually follow the Technical and On page inclusion initially?

if you go to the old school of classic SEO practices where a focus on keyword ranking is sole aim which brings you traffic. The entire strategy is hovering around those keywords.  Most of the start-up or even established business still negate the importance of  SEO  tactic for organic traffic.

SEO is a great way to get traffic and rank. They will analyse the entire site and will pull the plugs on all non-performing factors by collaborating with all department of your company.  The job of SEO manager is to build the bridge with all function like content marketing, PR, Developer and sales team. He can work in that direction to serve the goal.

The various company still considers three metrics by classical SEO model.

1-Keyword ranking, 2- Organic traffic 3-Revenue.

Last part is always what we need to have. But first two parts may not fit into experience based optimization. For creating this experience, all functions of your company can play an important role.

I am often asked by a client, how soon my keywords start ranking in search. It becomes little awkward for me to convince them. I tell them bluntly,  what if your site get lost later after ranking of keywords. It can be pushed to the second or third page if the user experience is not good.

Remember that SEO activity is not one time but it is continual to get better and better results over the period of time.

Content producers should focus on entertaining and Informative Content

The content head can create a robust strategy. He can create the architecture of content in terms of the content calendar, content contributor, content source, Publishing schedule, Content medium etc.

The next steps come here are monitoring, analysing, auditing and optimizing performing content or non-performing both.

They should focus on the performing content and can create some different format to propagate that across the audience. This is call repurposing.

The aim of content generation is to inspire, entertain and educate both internal and external stakeholders. The useful content, which can be audited,  analysed and optimise always galvanise user’s attention. That content strategy should be in tandem with a business objective, departments and audience objective.

Engagement can go kerflooey if the content is uninspiring so focus more on creating awesome, entertaining and informative content.  You can create less but more impactful.

Your content strategy should be based on

1-Substance (It should have aim, source and reasoning)

2-Structure (It can be PDF downloads, Video, infographics and audio)

3-Workflow (Who is going to what)

4-Governance. (Who is measuring it and who will be accountable for this)

Ranking through Ripple of personal brands

There are c-suite, who are vital parts of a company like CEO, co-founders and product head, who creates lots of ripple by talking about company and product. Example, Sunder Pichai, Satya Nadella, Tim cook, they have already created a niche for themselves. They try to be available and talk about company visions and focus. They mostly interact with the environment outside the company. It may be in the form of media interaction, startups meet, Event etc. They become influencers and face of the industry in their niche through great networking and propagation of theirs thoughts.

Take Charge of Social Media as it adds finery to the dissemination of your brand, company. Linkedin and twitter are great platforms to be vociferous. You can set up your company blog or personal blog, where you can add value, insights and new development. You can propose some benefiting ideas to the ecosystem. This way it will help you establish your authority and get you as a thought leader in your segment.

Follow Your Competition closely

Never estimate your competitors and their proven or failed strategies. It may carve out great perspective and understanding for the next step. Look, what channels they have been using for communication, which platform they are present to showcase their products, Which media they use to create buzz.

It is hard to say that product which you have created does not exist as human mind keep conceiving innumerable ideas and few boils down to materialization state. The best way to vivify your knowledge and product, Always take a peek into your competitors, they may have been following such strategies, which would help them generate revenue.

You can not imitate the entire thing but it helps you distinguish your strategy so that you can move with vision and objective.

Focus on Paid Traffic

Platforms like FB, LinkedIn and Twitters are the best medium to amplify your reach to targeted audience and can give immediate surge in traffic.  It can be comforting till the time your organic traffic reach the level. You should not slough it off. Google PPC can become a boon to understanding the keywords governing the conversion and those keywords can be capitalized on the page and off page SEO strategy.

Facebook has a great tool that is audience optimization, where you can increase the engagement by applying the best filter based on demography so that you reach and target the right audience.


You can have expert and into your company, who can help you align all fragmented pieces together and provide impetus to you.  You need to outline your plan clearly to him.  He can weigh upon all possibilities to strike synergies and bring performing tactics.

Even if, you can afford or have not planned, you can fix all above mentioned components with the help team you have. All these factors are the precursor to the growth of your traffic and business both.

Let us know if you have really implemented them and how do you like this post?

“Have a great business with tremendous growth.”

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