July 7, 2015

Remarketing SMS Service for Enterprise and Brands

Today, you can not ignore your competition and customers who are everywhere. Your business is dependent upon the new acquisition and recurring business from your clients. Power of SMS can not be discarded, It is now graduated to utility based product from commodity after the promulgation of TRAI's law on defining the line between UCC and Solicited or opted-in customer communication.  Enterprise messaging is now prime communication mode when it comes to garner immediate and quick response from customers. E-commerce sends deals of the day, delivery status and return or refund status.Travel sends ticket confirmation, insurance sends policy renewal reminder, Bank sends transaction confirmation. Hyperlocal players send customer information about the person visiting them for repairing tap, electricity fault, delivering groceries. Logistics companies send status of arrival or dispatched items. The power is huge, cases are umpteen and benefits are unchallenged. It has earned the notoriety of being called bulk SMS, which is completely distorted by Real estate and other spamming marketer, who have downplayed the importance, but smart marketer always giving a whirl and have been fathoming out the benefits by using it wisely.

Promotional SMS
Send bulk SMS or targeted communication to your customers

Transaction SMS Services
Send alert, update, timely communication to your registered customers

OTP services for Enterprise Customers
Send verification code to ascertain the authenticity of mobile numbers

API based Messaging for Enterprise Customers (E-commerce, Healthcare, Auto and any B2B and B2C segment)
Integrate your CRM or your LMS with API withouting using our web panel


SMS panel


Remarketing through clicks

Features of Mobizdom's Messaging  (Click here for interface):

Easy to use web panel

Easy to use web panel

Premium Quality Route

Group Messaging (If you have different audience segment)

24*7 support

File upload for bulk sending or variable Messaging

Real-time report

Real-time report

Quick white listing of sender id

Plan your activity in advance through scheduling

What Messaging Can Do For You, Here Are Some Examples

Drive traffic on your product page or business page through insertion of shortened URL in message body

An effective Engagement tool for a brand to play contest, poll and send mobile coupons to drive web traffic for deals and offers

ABuild Loyalty with your customers through reward points

Wish your opt-in customers with the seasonal greeting on B'day, marriage Anniversary and other festivals.

Instant Reminders on policy renewal, Fee deposit, transaction alert, discounts and offers, New launch, Exhibition and traffic update and Important notifications

Drive in-store traffic through sending deal of the day offer to opted-in customers

Create your content and Broadcast it in a jiffy.

Can customize and schedule communication day wise without hassles.

You can define CTAs in terms of missed call, Keywords or even URl.

You can remarket your product based on first level of engagement with your audience through our tracking software, which not only captures mobile no but also devices used, application, location and Browser too
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