December 8, 2016

Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing is one of the powertools and has been deployed by marketers in the stable of their marketing weapons. It is not only productive but help you create entire marketing strategy around it. The process is simple. Create, Automate and Convert your customers. 

In india, Most of the e-commerce players have been dependent upon this strategy. It plays a very conclusive role in affiliate marketing.


Email Marketing Campaign

Reach your target Customers

Our team is ready to assist, Manage and execute the campaigns on your behalf on our Targeted Data base.

We have set of good affiliates, who can become partner with you in helping you increase your busines

Bulk Email Infra & Cleaning

Use our expertise to send Bulk email on Your database with our assistance.

We can validate the email ids, which are not existent, does not have valid mail box and have syntax error.

We can help deploy the best SMTP service provider

Automation,Tracking & Reporting

Our system will help you in tracking the mail open and customers who have clicked to come on your site and Even who converted through mailers.

Automation helps you attain better conversion and ROI. Create Structure, set content strategy, deploy, monitor, Optimize and Convert

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