How to drive traffic: 7 ways to boost it


Do you want to add a spike to your overall traffic? Off course, who would not want to? As far as strategies for driving traffic to your website is concerned, inbound marketing like pay-per- click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reign supreme.  It is a daunting task to grab customer eyeball in the age of billion data being published every day. SEO and SEM may be expensive in long term yet fruitful strategies for driving traffic. But there are other ways where you can definitely hack growth to your site

I am going to discuss 7 important points to cause a surge in traffic and these should be an essential component of your online marketing strategy but as a small business you probably don’t have a limitless budget. Here are a few ideas to supplement your website traffic and conserve your marketing budget.


1.Have your verified Google plus Business Page:

If you are a small business owner and have an office, where you are serving your customer from that office in the market nearby, it is must to have your own Google business page. So the first most important thing is to list you there with the proper address, phone no and email address with office time mentioned there.

mobizdom business page

So go and grab your business listing and become the part of local search. Remember one thing always choose one category which defines your business. Generally SMBs try to choose various categories. Your prime category is your business. Local SEO is an important element for business.

You need to choose if you are serving from your brick and mortar store or servicing customer at their location. Here google has set the complete guideline for it


2.Participate in discussion forums like Linkedin

Online communities are rich with thoughtful people who discuss ideas with each other and across the web. By becoming an active member of a community related to your niche, you will gain trust. Many forums allow you to include your web address in your signature. Over time, as people start to view you as a thought leader, they will visit your website and encourage others to so the same. The key to success is to participate regularly and contribute valuable content.



LinkedIn is the best place for your B2B segment, where you can join the related groups and forum and can contribute lots of things, which can be the sphere of relevance for your audience. They can connect with you having seen you as the contributor.

Your audience will not like to read what is already there, but any visual content or infographics which have spiffily detailed and jotted few points which ensconce your presence there.


3.Comment on Industry related blogs

As a marketer, shun away from getting back links by being present across any forum or blog network where just writing anything or mentioning your link will yield any traffic, it may maul your traffic.

Your opinion should be there but not forced upon and it should have reasons to get people to go to your site for the information.




Always follow your influencer and be there as an active member with thought-provoking insights and inputs. Please avoid being overtly admirer and loud sycophantic. Just add which is apt and looks real

So careful weigh upon blogs, which attract thousands, even tens of thousands of the few people who add to the discussion, many readers will visit your site to learn more about you. You may even earn respect as a favorable commenter and get people to reply to you.


4.Capitalize on the power of social bookmarking services

Social bookmarking services such as stumble upon, dig and delicious promote discovery of new popular content. While not all of your content will be popular to everyone, if you tag and describe it to your target audience, it may resonate well and rise in popularity in those social circles.

social bookmarkeing


Stumble upon is a service that helps people discover new and popular websites.

Delicious works by categorizing links and allowing new sites to earn a spike in traffic and interest.


5.Question Answer on various platforms will drive engagement

Lots of site like quoracredit and Growth hackers  where people visit in quest of answers to their queries


images (44)

Answering questions online is an effective way to become known in your industry as an expert. Sites like yahoo answers and LinkedIn are indexed well in search engines and display your name URL along with your answer. An added benefit is that you can translate top questions and topics into blog posts videos and more.


6.Promote your content on Social media and Joined communities

Please follow the thumb rules of promoting your blog post, e-books and video content across apt social media channel. As a social signal is one the most important factor of Google’s ranking algorithm. If more and more people like and engage your post, it will become more viral and the search engine will help it rank better for the queries in search bar by users.

Keep posting valuable contents to your audience in the form of 5+3+2.

  • 5 should be from others.(It should be related to your industry and product)
  • 3 should be content from you (It should be relevant to your audience and not accentuates on selling the product)
  • 2 should be personal status and updated (It should be what your brand is doing internally Like you can showcase your company image, brand logo or conference, seminars, training etc).

       Source: TA McCann


7.Be a proponent of strong networking and industry events.

Online presence is an imperative but offline presence like being the part of seminars, networking events; start-ups hang out and workshop is other ways of cementing your position. This translates into your recognition and brings great eyeball to your opinion, thoughts, comments, and ideas.

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There are umpteen numbers of ways to arrest the growth of visitors, Lots of components signify when it comes to giving overall user experience to your customers. This is not expensive, not arduous and exasperating But quite easy to replicate. It is not tough to follow but require little effort and punctuality. So create your calendar and schedule yourself to attract, propel and drive traffic to your site.


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