Content Strategy: Is It Generating Good Buzz For Your Biz

content strategy

How is your Content Strategy? Do you have it already? What objective has it? what audience it is targeting and what has driven you to create it? what channels are you using to promote it? Does it has persona? Are you really very happy with the result?

content marketing not giving enough result

You will be thinking that all these jargons are quite worn out. Industry experts have been taking up the cudgel to explain marketers already on how to make spiffy content strategy and Planning. Believe me, it has lots of weight as these are the foundation for any great or bad content. To be successful in content marketing, you need to delve in solid strategy to make it more powerful.

When we write about our subject matter, we become obsessed about it. Though it requires lots of research and knowledge to write  in depth and more meaningful. If you are a startup then you have to be clear that what should be the objective of content subject. Only Aim of your subject matter should be to intrigue your audience’s interest. They should be bound to come back or visit it again.

Customer’s behaviour is subject to AIDA model as these four components govern the success of your content. If you follow and adhere to the principle. It will automatically boost up the engagement. I will not get into detail here as these are self-explanatory





2016 is the year of awakened marketer who are pushing themselves or their content team to the fore. They are planning to imbibe this piece a part of their core marketing mission. B2B marketer has the more daunting task to produce it in a consistent way this time. Whereas B2C marketer has to create strikingly appealing and more distinctive format.

Content creation and Marketing Strategies are always different for b2b and b2c segment subject to needs and target demography. Both Marketers have different KPIs to meet. B2B marketer may need to create more queries and more leads. Where in B2C need to sell its product fast to clear the stock and build a greater satisfaction.

As per CMI, 55% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers said that their organisation did not clarity on what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like.

You have been working day in and day out to keep pace with your competitor’s effort. So that you can attract your audiences’ eyeballs. But you tend to forget that blind race is causing you lot of deficit in your ROI. Did you weigh upon the fact that your customers are enjoying it or not? Even it subverts the quality of content. It has a negative effect on content creator’s confidence.

Here are few questions one should ask oneself and thinks in dead earnest. Thinking is an integral component of planning. How successful or failed you have been in achieving your outcome, you should reconsider.

What is my Company’s mission statement?

Should I define too content statement?

Am I going to be creating it to topple my competition?

Am I going to be writing or creating content for my audience?

Do I believe in quantity what matters?

Do I have ROI measured ever?

Am I using right tactics?

Are my strategies aligned with KPI goal?

What if I am not able to produce it in a continual manner later.

Now you would understand that thinking and planning are two different parameters, former tells what I need to think and later tells how I am going to proceed.

For any lean startup, there is one challenge, how to maximize reach and awareness. When your product development and the tech team is already burning a hole in your pocket. Digital marketing can come to the rescue for faster dissemination and speedy reach. It is scalable too with the mix of planning and frequency to reach your niche.

Being a startup is always an advantage to document the strategy rather creating it later when a company has grown significantly. 37% of B2C marketers have had documented strategy up from 27% in 2014. It is likely to increase more than 50% this year. 48% B2B have claimed to have documented content strategy in place.

B2B content marketing

Your content marketing program is insipid and may not be creating buzz because of factors listed below.

Not the right content. If your content isn’t right (isn’t useful or relevant) for the people you hope to reach, those people won’t read it — let alone act on it.

Not the right people. If you haven’t defined and prioritised your audiences, you can’t get your content to the right people because you don’t know who they are or where to find them. (Hint: The general public is no one’s audience.)

Not the right times. If you don’t understand your audiences’ questions or tasks, you don’t know when they need your content.

Not the right reasons. If you can’t articulate measurable business goals as reasons for producing or sharing content, you’re probably wasting your business’ money. (“Engagement” alone is no reason to produce content; it’s rarely defined well enough to tie to meaningful business goals.) Source

You need Content Editorial to Speed Up Creation and Curation both

The biggest challenge for marketers is a lack of editorial planning. They don’t fit this part often in their complete marketing plan. Just because of this, entire effort goes into vain and it becomes tough to track the content’s growth. They are not able to measure that how much effort was put into the creation and how much was used for curation. If you have ample sized team you can use 70:30 or 60:40 ration for both aspect of content creation planning.

You can simply create an excel sheet and plan it structure wise and day/date/month wise. You can use google calendar to get the hang of it initially. You can go for paid tool like CoSchedule. Which gives you benefits of planning, publishing and promoting at one single click.

content marketing schedule

Planning is fulcrum of robust Content Marketing

Core content marketing Strategy  is essential to Steer your planning to the right direction.  It is the by-product of four states.

Substance: It means that what type of content we want to cover and what is it all about. what topic you are encompassing. Sources you are mentioning. Define the objective here, You try to create content personality here.

Structure: How should the content be prioritisedorganised, formatted and displayed. It can be linking strategies, communication planning format like video, infographics, Blog, white-paper, E-book, metadata and form of content.

Workflow: how people are going to be involved, how many people do we need to complete it. This is all about man hours tied with this piece.

Governance: Who is going to be a decision maker and who is going to monitor it. Whose inputs will consider to add or remove in content strategy?(Source)

content strategy for marketer

Grow Your Team in Content Department

The content team is often small and one or two people involved in that. I have seen a small business where that team is multitasked in addition to responsibilities they have. Brands which write 15 blogs per month generate 1200 plus leads in a month as per Hubspot. Does this mean you need to create it ferociously? No, you should not if you don’t have a team. There you should focus on quality. As competition is growing in this field, you need to proactively scout for experienced and able resources to fill the vacuum in a content team.

Your Content Should Have a Solid Statement Like Your Business

If you want to win in a content strategy game, you need to succinctly define statement. You can plug away in defining it right from beginning by looking at four points below.

1-What is My company Mission

2-What is my customer  objective

3-What is my Business Objective

4-What is my content Objective.

For Example: If you run a health club. Let us define the above four points.

To create better fitness ecosystem in Delhi and NCR

To Get quality and dedicated training from health club

To attract lots leads and convert them into the subscription.

To make a customer more attentive and awakened to their health.

So we can now create a content statement: At Be Always fit, we are dedicated towards your health by providing you quality training to make you more fit and young with a one-time subscription fee to enjoy our fitness club anywhere in Delhi and NCR.

Are You trying To Stitching Together lots Of Different Component In One Single Piece?

I remember that when one of my clients asks for writing long content vs topical content, I told him to focus more on topical. your content should not stay out of the attention of your audience. it is the first rung of AIDA model as mentioned above in this post.

Brian Dean from Backlinko has conducted a research and where he found an amazing fact on the length of data

We discovered that content rated as “topically relevant” (via MarketMuse), significantly outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth. Therefore, publishing focused content that covers a single topic may help with rankings“.

Try to make first few lines touchy and start with storytelling. But Never forget to end with a conclusion and always leave a food for thoughts for your audience.

Google always give preference to a long post, but it should not misunderstand with quantity. You need to focus on quality and can trim your content length to approx 1500 words with more facts and sources. Which can have substance, which is the first part of content strategy explained above?


If you did not know how to carry out your content strategy, I am sure you would have got the sense by now. Thinking, planning, Execution and Improvement are a continuous process, whereas substance, structure, workflow and Governance are the part of the strategy.

So what do you think about this article, please let us know. I am sure you would have other strategies too, let us know we would love to hear and add them too here.

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