7 Things That You Should Not Do In 2016

7 Things That You Should Not Do In 2016

The dawn of New Year sets out a new challenge to marketers, entrepreneurs, business’ and individuals who have made hefty resolutions in the fag end of the year 2015 and they may be consciously thinking if they can really follow them in 2016 and things you should not do further. More competition is pouring in; more people have planned to become entrepreneurs this year, more websites to be launched. More marketing budget is going to be inducted. More hiring is going to transpire. In other words year, 2016 is year of bigger picturesque outfoxing it’s just gone by year in term of quantity of things to do and achieve.

As an entrepreneur, we need to see some of the light in our decision if we want to make ourselves really those resolutions succeed then we need to find out ways to meet them. Though it is tough and generally there is a stigma behind resolutions that resolutions are made to be forgotten.

Resolution may not be the probably right word, but it may be called over promise to oneself in the garb of it. It is some time overestimation of one’s vulnerability to execute it. 120kg persons have planned to reduce weight by 40kg and are uphill task on paper and enchantment of the same may be amusing to others, who really want to see him shrink by that much weight but it pines away with the flurry of other promises in between to be met, which were done, like buying a luxury car, doing a word trips, getting business to 4x level etc. What is significant is priority to achieve them.

Every resolution should have KPIs to achieve, but can those KPIs be met if there is a lack of strategies and metrics to apply? I have decided that this year  I may be going for a marathon and would do 50km cycling once in two months. Would I be, may be or may not be until I start practicing for small stretches and plan the shorter goal before translating them into the real picture what I want to see and achieve for myself  to meet that gigantic task of 50km cycling or 21km running a marathon.

So let’s delve into subject line what we should not do in 2016

Things you should not do

1-Do not be Insomniac>>>>>> (Enjoy your sleep)

Sleep deprivation may be another enemy of your health, which can take away the juice from your life, so as per the study conducted by Neurology.org if you are not taking your sleep properly then the volume of your brain will nosedive. This is true for most of the people who happen to be having forty winks or intermittent nap during the day if they don’t sleep properly in the night. It can be minimized if proper food and exercise are initiated, where the brain can be intended to relax and can have lots of antioxidants. So brain health is important. Promise yourself to have 7-8 hours sleep.

2-Avoid More focus on income, less focus on welcome to your family type attitude>>>>> (Be self-centric):

We are in maze every time that whatever we have been doing is doing for family and for their future, but what about your future, because they’re future independent upon your wellbeing. We definitely are working for our strong career and great lifestyle but think for a fleeting moment that have we achieved that goal if we have then why again we are detruding ourselves in the furnace of expectation. So just relax and have time and plan steadily for income. Try not to limit yourself to one source, find other avenues to get income from.

3-Stop Blowing the gasket >>>>>> (Anchor you anger):

This is essentially a problem with almost everybody; even tiniest thing can ruffle our feather. Because over-expectation is attached to that. Let have a life its own course only we have to work as a sailor, we cannot set our boat ashore in the fury of the storm as we can just sail that. Some of the short and long-term problems which have been associated with anger have drastic effect on human body and its health

  • headache
  • digestion problems, such as abdominal pain
  • insomnia
  • increased anxiety
  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • skin problems, such as eczema
  • heart attack
  • stroke

Source: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/anger-how-it-affects-people

4-Stem your Lack of Reading>>>>>>> (Strengthen your knowledge)

Reading is one of the last activities that involve no screen. In the 24*7 era, we are glued with our screen in any form and devoutly using to read emails, news, and some entertainment related articles, But these are not adding any value to the aggrandizement of our knowledge and play a passive role. Constructive knowledge is the backbone of one’s life and career. It is also good for society and environment where you hobnob and associate with.

It is better to read some sort of literature which is enriching and refreshing, I may be little didactic but I have personally noticed that mind remains calm and little focused once you consume good subject. You cannot do feed your brain work related things every time; you need to give some new material to consume and store. By being engrossed in the monotony, your mind tends to become preoccupied and predictable by not grasping anything new if you read the same thing every day.

6 Science-Backed Reasons to Go To Read A Book Right Now

Reading has variegated effect on the mind

1-It can chill you out

2-Reading together (with your partner) can bring more cohesiveness, You can know the other side of your partner, It can help you be identified what kind of person you are.

3-Reading can ward off depression and reading books make you more attractive

4-Reading can help you enhance your brain activity and make it more consistent.

5-Dont broaden up communication gap by being more devices social>>>>>> (Use less of your mobile and respond a call to your family during the day)

Radiation has a humongous effect on human’s health. It is proven fact that mobile’s increased use has started taking a toll on the relationship, causing poor concentration, making constant jitters etc. India Being the third largest country in the world is going to have 317 million mobile internet users by 2017. India has more population jutting out its eyes on a mobile phone and almost spending 6 hours a day on a phone in terms of email check, app use, game and online shopping. This has exposed the human body to one of risk like poor concentration. Even a single beep cause the attention to go stay even if you are in the midst of the important meeting or talk.

Mobile is the most useful way for communication but it is apprehended to be not used when it is required, Your family, spouse of somebody is calling you, you don’t pick up the call or even tell them that “I am in meeting” will talk to you later. Please pick the call and know what they want that time. I have decided that I will not repeat this mistake. Would you? Tweet here

6-Do not walk alone>>>>>> (Make your friends and family a part of it)

We do not inhabit alone in this planet and we need a company to walk down the road but you should not skip this part and please make yourself an eager beaver to stay paced with your family and friends. You can do exercise with them and enjoy lunch or dinner together, can have the excursion with them. Bring more social element into life

7-Let your emotional Intelligence not make you victim>>>>> (Use it intelligently to enjoy individually and socially both).

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict

You may be a different person at home and becomes contrasting at the office, your mood changes and so is the body language. It is seen a person who understands how to manage emotions depending upon the situation is the right fit for any organization. The best part of emotional intelligence is that it can be developed and be bloomed into steady and predictable emotional behavior.


A person who have strong emotional intelligence generally is more successful in things what they do. They have strong self-awareness, self-regulation, Motivation, empathy and Social Skills. You need to know your emotion and to use them appropriately to get closer to success. The content creator can create great content, Marketing can work towards great campaigning success, and Sales team can work for more business development by employing it. SEO manager can work towards bringing the site objective in terms of traffic and rank. Leader can evaluate own weakness, CEOs can travel the path together and can attribute the achievement of organization success to employees and each department

You can read more about Emotional intelligence here

Conclusion: There may be more ways to get your life better work wise and personally balanced. You can imbibe these 7 points to excel more in your resolution and show your mettle to overcome the promises which you have made on the twilight of 2015.

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