6 social media rules of engagement for marketing your business

The social media marketing goal varies customer to customer and what action we want from the audience to perform. Entire Strategies are devised right from objective to context, to Fresh content, to frequency, to monitoring to analyzing and then optimizing finally to achieve better ROI. The plan should be substantiated with SMART goal. This goal not only helps you plan the complete social media marketing presence across all channels but give your customer a strong reason to believe you what you talk and communicate with them.

6 following crucial processes in creating, developing and optimizing social media significantly are always   prerequisites.

1-Context and addressable audience (You should know your business and its need first hand)

2-Objecitve (What goal you want to reach at? Clicks, likes or conversion)

3-Creation (Your content with clearly defined market and audience)

4-Publishing and Promoting (Frequency and platform you choose before hand)

5-Monitoring and analyzing (keep eyes on all published platform and analyze them with eagle eyes)

6-Optimizing and re-optimizing. (Put energy and money in performing platform through content optimization)

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and linked in serve the same purpose that is user to user engagement, where use is individual or it is brand

Before proceeding let’s have some reckoning in the social media field.

  • Organic Facebook reach drops to 2% for most pages



  • Instagram grew 50% in 9 months and is now bigger than Twitter.
  • Engagement rate in Instagram is 15x that on facebook.

instagram engagement



                                                                              Source: blog.crowdfireapp.com

  • Facebook video is on the path to overtaking Youtube as per marketing land

In June 2014, for the first time ever, Facebook (12.3 billion) served more than YouTube (11.3 billion).

Social media engagement through mobile will intensify more due to ubiquitous smartphone penetration. India being a center of attraction  and third largest smartphone market in the world, for lots of brands like Xiomi, Motorola, Lenovo, one plus one ,home was grown and Chinese handset makers, going to witness almost 314 million internet users by 2017 as a report by KPMG and IAMAI.

Optimized-Mobile growth


                                                                     Source: KPMG and IAMAI

Online channels have been surfeiting Indian customers in tier-1 or tier-2 cities with great a reason for celebration as they have more option now to be aware and connected with their brands through social media and mobile application. Low data cost, internet penetration, and budget smartphones have stamped the money out from the pockets of inhabitants of these areas. The jubilation can be felt not in the urban area but in rural are too.  All E-commerce companies are bolstering their presence in the hinterland. The engagement on social channels with the brands have been increasing by leaps and bound from rural economy.

E-commerce players are now more focused and leveraging the advantage of this ubiquity.

If you are new to social media then above stats can be fruitful and can bring you lots of insight for choosing a channel to commensurate with your objective

Predicting on these above points, let us talk about steps to make social media planning successful and more fruitful.

The 1-marketing goal for business and brands should stimulate personal and financial goal.

We always strive for better and best in our life and plan our financial goals accordingly through investment in the stock market, Mutual fund and other money yielding instruments. We plan our holidays in advance and start working in the direction to complete pending work to enjoy the holidays uninterruptedly. Similarly, your business goal demands the same seriousness and planning.

2-Make your goal clear and precise

You need to follow SMART goal for all channels across where  you want your presence. Sometimes is best to work with one or two channels and based on the success and behavior of your audience, you can descent to other crowd pulling platform.

Goals should be clear and synonymous with marketing plan

S.M.A.R.T goals

  • S stands for specific         (Or Significant)
  • M stands for measurable ( Or Meaningful)
  • A stands for attainable     (Or Actionable)
  • R stands for relevant       (Or Rewarding)
  • T stands for time-bound  (Or Tractable)                  


It is quite simple to visualize your end result. Let us have an example you want your presence across multiple social channels.

Define what you want, Likes, share and website traffic first.

Make a loud statement: “I want traffic social media

Be Specific:  I want clicks from Facebook

Be Measurable: I want 1000 clicks

Be Attainable:  I have to serve content which is useful to my audience twice a day.

Be Relevant:  Understand and assess your budget, resource, and source of content and time for the same.

Be Time-bound: By the end of these quarter, I will have 1000 clicks. Start and end date should be mentioned

So is not that simple? If you think then wait.  It is not yet done

Let us make it easier by reversing the order to understand it with nicely.  it is  now pretty convincing.

After devising your smart goal. It is time to weigh down how you are going to reach and engage with your customer by choosing a suitable channel, which can be in right fitment to realize the GOAL

3-You should know capability of channel and if it serves your objective

All channels may not be effective and an entire universe cannot be your customer. You need to bear down on your current social channel and engagement strategies before crafting the new or reinventing the new social media plan for your marketing. Marketer sometimes commits the mistake by trying to be available and attract the glare of customers.

As per bluelatitude analysis, you need to first know three questions and based on those questions you should plan to jack up social media marketing effort.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your channels?
  • What is Right Message?

Your business need should be in sync with customer need to achieve the better results. This can be achieved through first understanding your content strategies and the message to comprehend for both customer and business.

To be present on multi social channels, Business should create customer centric approach

Content planning wise

1-How I am creating distinction?

2-Am I able to encourage my customer to take the desired action

3-My customer is searching what I am providing

4-Am I able to provide him uniform integrated messaging across all channels.

If content is aligned with the message then a common ground is found which is path breaking for both business and customers.

Business need with customer need


“Avoid choosing many channels just for the sake of great outreach”

Multichannel strategies do not work for every brand and product especially if it is a B2B segment. You have to understand your niche and plan the descent accordingly. You should not so fussy that why I am not everywhere. Just relax and optimize two or three channels. it quite challenging for a b2b marketer to be present across all platform, LinkedIn is the best b2b platform.  Suppose a company which is the manufacture of laser equipment in hair treatment segment and wants to expand business through franchise appointment in India, for it being present in Facebook and Instagram may not be an appropriate option. Whereas it is best to be present on linked in a platform. Where a company can have page and state the objective of the business, It can join lots of online groups and publish latest discovery and journals which can connect with Dermatologist ,Trichologists, Spa and salon owners ,who can become the franchise of the that company.

On the B2C side, the franchise of hair laser equipment’s company can have a presence across all major channels like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. As the large part of the audience have been grappling with hair fall problem.

4- Increase Visual Presence more than contextual presence.

Your audience connects more directly with brands which have stronger visually attractive and compelling creative which can be in the form of infographic or picture.

  • People remember 10% of what they hear
  • People remember 20% of what they read
  • Audiences remember 80% of what they see.



Source: Neoman.com.

You can employ these basic tips for social media if you are the first timer or have not taken your media strategies to next level.

1-Always understand the business objective and align it with customer need keeping content creation, optimization and brand message aligned.

2-Asses your social channel, where your audience are

3-Donot be secluded, Spy on your competitor and don’t digress towards being present across multi social channel

4-Let your employee is a brand evangelist and has them felt an important people, who can factor in the user engagement. Ask them to come out with ideas, which can relate to brands

5-People relate to people. Make sure you are using them to tell your company story.

6-Visual content is more compelling than other forms of content. (Infographics and high-quality image)

7-Even if your social channels are stale and out of date, if something fabulous or relevant comes along, use that as a trigger to jumpstart those channels.

8-Address one of the social problems and relate to the environment too. You cannot bombard your audience with same hackneyed tactics of feeding almost routine content. Correlate with social problems and participant in a social problem.

9-Follow this one the rationing rule of 5/3/2 which was introduced by TA McCann

  • 5 should be from others.(It should be related to your industry and product)
  • 3 should be content from you (It should be relevant to your audience and not accentuates on selling the product)
  • 2 should be personal status and updated (It should be what your brand is doing internally Like you can showcase your company image, brand logo or conference, seminars, training etc).

There are lot of ratio rules, But it all demands that what work for you, You are the best judge, moderator, and arbitrator for your brand

Optimized-Social sharing

10-Just create outstanding content that is where you can outfox your competition.

11-Create a content publishing schedule and choose same frequencies over the period.

5-Value Addition to your customers

Last but not the least, value addition is very important than self-promotion. Remember and try to emulate your brands with your social hobnobbing. Just believe that brand is human. As customer need to be valued and rewarded by brands for being a follower, evangelist and propagator.

Buffer says that great content with value addition can offset the impact of self-promotion.


Bluster is a gateway to nothing” So self-promotion should not be your Achilles heels.

“Marketer sometime rebuts the advice of customer and another stakeholder by saying that they have created the best product and it will itself gallop ahead”. But one small mistake can turn the plan into a loss of time, effort and money. It is just like creating a sand home at the shoreline and then water waves come and sweep it away.”

So be indulgent in self-promotion with not being overtly vainglorious.



6-Participate and join various communities to let your customer know about your intent and engagement

It is very strange that we promote ourselves as an individual more on the platform and try to increase likes and friends on our profile. And keep spending lot of time in liking some pages which are of our interest, join the communities, groups and fan pages, which serve our purpose.

Same action and effort can be seeded into building a brand presence across other groups, communities and fan page with active participation and engagement.

Conclusion: If you want to push yourself ahead and be in the front row, you should first create a SMART goal, which is specific, measurable, actionable, rewarding and time bound. After your goal is set up. You being a marketer should be very focused on right brand message through content. Eventually, it is your customer who is going to assign you crowning glory. Although it is a continuous process to get the ROI out of your social presence. It should not be a social fatigue for your customer. Rather it is a delight for them to be engaged with you in the totality. Social media optimization strategies are content and customer engagement-centric always. Your content calendar should be ready in advance with your own publishing ratio of 5-3-1 or 4-3-3 or anything where you are comfortable. I would personally suggest not use any social media integration tools. It is social channel so you should involve your brand with the personal touch.

So all the best to your effort in creating your brand a stunner in social media platform.


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