4 points can turn Content planning worry into content rejoice

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Did we ever think that content was always a front runner in our academic whether it was our rudimentary education or professional educations? Our marks and grades were dependent on how we wrote and how we explained in the context commensurate with questions asked. This is how we do content planning for writing our exams

Some of the students were brilliant but could not score in spite of their in-depth understanding and word by word verbatim, whereby second or third best students score higher marks because they were good at putting forth vividly

One of my clients recently asked me to take care of their content writing strategy to showcase their product benefit through well-placed intent. As he was not able to get it created at his end due to lack of proper resource. Though  He had a resource with spiffy writing prowess. But that prowess simply lacked audience eyeball to wink at and it was more contingent upon web bots and crawlers perspective with keywords stuffing. They knew what to write but could not suss is out of doing it structurally in tandem with audience engagement.

Word SEO is dropping away and its sheen is losing due to its overused and overhyped nature. It has now metamorphosed in only content based activity for ranking and traffic.

There is set guideline for great SEO but Does SEO suffices the purpose or only keywords will push the ranking up? Keywords are often mistaken being synonymous with traffic generation.

Great content will yield eyeball and snowball further into more eyeballs due to being shared, discussed and amplified.

So here are key points which can elucidate to fit into making your content strategy more robust and precise.

  • Audience Targeted content

Simply create content for your audience and be in the shoes of the audience once creating it as we too are audiences for somebody else content. If the content is engaging and informative and well researched, it will catch the glimpse and cognizance of the multitude.  If it’s written only for crawlers or boats then its waste of time and energy.

Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do. If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site. In creating a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. Think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

  • Right keywords describing your business intent

Long tail keyword and LSI play conceptually leading role in pulling content up by engines. Keywords factor in the success of post as they define the overall content’s intent but these keywords are simply for boats and crawlers for indexing. If the content is for an audience to consume it. Then Credibility needs to be built around more specific match with user interest.  So latent semantic indexing based keywords are more important to avoid overstuffing keywords to return the nearby or exact result against the user’s queries


  • Do you ideate on fresh or need to repurpose your evergreen content?

If you run your business and have products with benefits, then adopt evergreen content strategy, where some changes in content with right keyword phrasing can be initiated to jog the memory of your audience but keep it in mind that evergreen content is empirically original and keep edging in some extension of benefits or features

“That, in a nutshell, is what evergreen content is. It is content that will always be considered up-to-date and that will always be of primary interest to the readers of your blog. But what this definition doesn’t answer is why evergreen content should play a role in every blog manager’s arsenal”

So plan your content wisely dependent upon factors like lack of time, limited resources or already buzzed or noised content. You can repurpose your performing content to slick it down with some more facts and stories

  • Fresh content may be scrappy vs curated content being an alternate to some of marketer

It is often tricky and challenging for the marketer to produce fresh content due to intense pressure from competition, an expectation of audience and dependence upon external agencies that is producing it.

Curation is another most loved technique for marketer to replenish the urge of their audience, which is rather easy and less time consuming, Lots of tools rather expedite them and eased off the burden by fetching and publishing timely content.

Conclusion :

Writing anything is not content but what we write to address the audience’s urge is content. So there is a clear difference between CRAP and Content. CRAP is continuous repeal audience proclivity AND content means continuous intent to serve what customer needs.


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