21 Benefits Of Google Plus: Power Your Social Media Effort

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When did you last check your Google+? But I am sure you had an answer if I had rephrased the question on Facebook. I mean frequency may not be that much.

Have you ever wondered that google+ being the most unutilized platform in social media does not command the market share in social media segment compared to its contemporaries. Google search engine is reigning supremacy amongst other.Being the behemoth in its segment, Google has decided to give more sense and establish a correlation of audience behavior between plus and search engine. It is trying to personalize search result. Because a deep level of data intelligence and personalization will drive more CTR.

In India where internet population is largely having  gmail accounts and almost of 80% google+accounts holder, 40% are active on the regular basis. As per Global web index, most of the users are in age range of 16-34 years.


Stone temple consulting’s finding on some sample size has surfaced that 90% people never posted there publicly on Google+account. More astonishing fact is that .05% of total Google+ population do postings every day

Whereas 80% search engine optimization is done keeping google algorithm in mind. Local SEO is now gaining importance due to business nature and hyper-local search factors.

Most of the marketer know the power of Google+ but they often discount it due to intense competition and rising customer acquisition pressure.They relatively choose to build their presence on more socially crowded and famous platforms.

But Google+ being the product of google has the power to give your website and rank organically high. Google Keeps watching the social activities like sharing, commenting and liking on its social platform and it aligns its audience intent on search engine with their activities done on google plus platform to broach up great and personalized result.It is being one of the most significant and user-centric media, Where results will be more accurate and precise thus augmenting user’s delight.

In order to give seamless social experience, Google has finally decided to divorce Youtube. It has explained it in company blogs. Any comments on youtube video will no longer show in your plus profile.

your underlying Google Account won’t be searchable or followable, unlike public Google+ profiles. And for people who already created Google+ profiles but don’t plan to use Google+ itself, we’ll offer better options for managing and removing those public profiles

Some part of Google plus photo has already been moved into Google Photo App. Location sharing will be under hangout and other App. So your Google plus social profile will be more interest based social profile.The idea is to decongest this social channel and move these features to appropriate places.

Ranking high in the search result and getting more customers are always a priority for brands Therefore brands believe that organic traffic is the fulcrum of lower ROI and more engagement. This is relatively cheaper and sustaining compared to offline mode media. Due to smart mobile phone penetration and internet population, reaching out to targeted audience is smooth and fast.

Your great content and quality backlinks and page authority of web pages are some parameters for getting great traffic.Content is very critical part of social media strategy. It has a staggering effect on customer purchase behavior cycle.

Google is quite aggressive in its approach to promote its social platform amid tough and intense competition from other social media platforms like Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and More importantly Pinterest which was once underdog has evolved more into full-fledged in one of the social media strategies of marketing companies. Social media examiner has published a study that Pinterest is set to surge ahead in 2016 as it is going to be considered one of the most shopper-driven media.

Jeffbullas has clearly outlined the reason of creation of Google+ product by google. Because it helps in capturing the demography of users in terms of age, sex, location, interest and behavior.


  • It enriches the Google data from Google users allowing its search engines to be more accurate
  • People create profiles on Google and search on web while signing in to Google, so Google can track the information of their identity, activity and their interests.
  • Google +captures much more such information by simply measuring+1’ing, sharing and commenting on the network.
  • This data helps Google to personalize organic search results in a better way.

Small Business owners or local shops should capitalize on Google + As it is going to be a game changer for them and it is one of the prominent parts of local SEO. Google +  keep tracking the user behavior and search intent and based on that and gives optimal experience to them.

Some great benefits of using Google + platform to streamline your social media effort

1-It is community-based media, it helps in the growth your artificial popularity. Google plus communities are the great way to share, engage and attract your audience. If you are a blogger, it can help you attract your influencers.

2-Google + users can send an email to their coworkers and can ask them to share their websites or links in their circles. It is good to get traffic on your site or even you earn a recognition.

3-You can directly Hangout with your friends in your circle.

4-You can send any message privately to your friends.

5-It does not allow to write on the wall of follower or circle unlike Facebook, So it stamps out the possibility of spam comment.

6-You can distinctively create or mark your circle based on interest. For example, You want friends who love to hang out at the weekend. You can create a circle called reveler.

7-You can join lots of communities based on your interest level and even participate with your inputs and comments. It can be one of the best ways of earning quality backlinks .

8-You can create communities separately for both public and private. A business which has private community can exchange, share and discuss lots of things using the private community page creation feature.

9- Your content get indexed faster, once your communities and circles start liking, acknowledging and sharing the content. +1′ button has great power It helps in giving you more engagement. Once it is clicked by your friend then that content will be more personalized to the circle of your friends.

10-You should write a compelling description of the product in About us page and add some links to your one of the page or website.

11-Links in google+ profiles are added as  “do follow”, it helps in better visibility and ranking. A strong presence in Google+ network is a force to reckon with for your site

12-Due to google’s massive and interconnected network, people can reach out your website through different network and it can help you have more traffic. The best part is that all channels of google like youtube are interlinked and augment each other presence through customer

13-Strong social signals in terms of commenting, sharing and engagement by other people on your profile is proportion to search engine’s calling and respecting your site in rank.

14-Even you don’t have audience in network but influence can create huge difference for your brands so best place to recognize influencers and connect with them and get them share about your product or service to their circle, But it comes at price. That is perseverance and hard work.

15-Your Google + page customer find you across Google+ platform, Maps and basic searches too.

16-Include Keywords on “about page”.

17-You can create an event and can inform your key circle or community to be the part of that event.

18-Very helpful in local SEO, so create your business page, So that your business can be searched.

19-It is a product from the power house search giant.

20-Share your content and blogs here to increase social signals of your page.

21-Link your web page with your plus profile. Let your audience +1, Visit and share your content. Do incorporate this social widget in every post



Rounds of debate happening over the future of google’s owned social media. Though the path is thorny and tough to unsaddle Facebook. Facebook’s dominance and its snatching advertisers and users has been scaring search ad king out of its wits.The emergence of active interest and activities on Google+ profile of business owner, brands and small enterprises are imminent. Google’s overestimation of its product and forced user plus account creation has not gone down well with users. So learning from mistakes, It is now more focussed and determined on interest-based social media experience. This may herald an uncluttered user experience and tremendous pleasure based social hobnobbing.


How to Use Google Plus for Marketing #infographic

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