11 best SEO advices can surprise you if you don’t know them

SEO Tips

There are hundreds and thousands of free seo tips, which can help you, rank your site better, but it is not possible to follow all until you have done some basic work into your site. No single best SEO technique can give you the guarantee of ranking your side. SEO is ocean and taking a plunge into it without knowing it may boggle you completely and make you clueless what to do.

Today I am going to dilate on few seo tips for beginners as well as for bloggers, which can not only help you attract traffic but also visibility and ranking of your site as all these three factors (Traffic, Visibility, and Ranking) are interdependent.

There has been lots of volte-face on SEO industry in recent time and nobody can vouch for the surefire ways of taking the site ahead and making it appear on the top in search engine. Constant update in knowledge through various sources and guideline promulgated by search engines. People who have been closely following and keeping a bird eyes on the changes in updates and new ranking algorithm rules, be it Rank brain, social signals or other 200 ranking signals, implementation of structured HTML data and filtering out all duplicate content by using canonicalization rule in  respective WebPages are savouring the success in this bailiwick. Because they know the importance and impact both.

SEO as word looks very small, but it is the most understood word as far its purpose is concerned. It is quite simple to understand that it is a tool that helps your site searchable through propounded rules. You need to follow 1000 SEO rules but with few basic SEO techniques you are done. Don’t get mired into on-page and Off page definition. Just apply basic rules on your site structure, keywords planning and content’s relevance

There some advices for webmasters, which can surely realize their hard work on SEO into fruition.

Create many Keyword Groups with segmentation

  • Create your content Group content wise
  • Attention to performing Keywords and evaluate non-performing
  • Eagle Eyes on competitor’s top Keywords and their content strategy.
  • Curate the content when you have a limited team, time and Budget constraint.
  • Repurposes your older content and injects life to SEO effort by republishing them.
  • Use Email alert for Daily Summary to be in the know.
  • Implement Microdata to mark up your HTML under Schema.org.
  • Use long format based content of at least 2000 words.
  • Use semantic variations of Keywords in Meta tags.
  • Don’t get your site indexed until it is ready.
  • Create Various Keyword Group

Keyword grouping is not only effective in PPC campaign but very effective in long-term SEO planning. SEO and PPC share the spotlight in helping you drive traffic and reach your customers. It is advisable to create various keywords groups for internal analysis. This can be done based on your product, features, comparison, audience, Demography and marketing campaign etc.

The Purpose of keyword groups is to see which keyword is performing. The Same keyword can belong to different groups. Keyword grouping is always good not only for internal marketing effort but also discovering what your competition is doing on those keywords.

  • Create Your Content Group

If keyword group is created then it is great to create a content group based on the type of contents like PDF, Videos, case studies, blogs, whitepaper etc. This will give you which piece of content is performing and how users are reaching that content and what keywords are being used to reach or consume that content.

  1. Use the same groups you used to create keyword groups such as products, features, campaigns, geographies, etc
  2. Create groups of content by content type such as videos, white papers, case studies, blogs, etc.
  3. Create content groups based on user flow – for example, I might have one that is lead gen content, consideration content, etc.
  • Attention To Both Performing Keywords and Non-performing Keywords

You need to keep a tab on your performing keywords and how those keywords are able to rank the content. This activity keeps your SEO effort in good stead as corresponding content’s rank is predicated on the performing keyword and you can structure your content strategy further around those keywords. But remember never try to over optimize the performing keywords.

Your effort is incomplete if you could not gauge the impact of non-performing keywords, so prepare the list of those under-performing keywords and probably you can better encounter an idea to work on both content and semantic variation of keywords or replacing those keywords with new keywords with slight variation by using keyword planner or using long tail keyword.

  • Discovery Of Your Competition And Stalk Their Activities

This can be done in three ways

1-What keyword is ranking them?

2-What content is driving traffic to them how engaging it is for them?

3-What is their social signal and how it is doing for them?

You can be thrown away if you have obscure or no idea about what is you competitor doing and how you competitor doing. In such extremely cutthroat market, you need to know the strength of your competition, which can help you leverage your productivity. You can use Spyfu or Chief to assess the competition’s traffic, backlinks, anchor text keywords, their domain authority, social engagement etc.

After assessing their traffic and by viewing a list of your competitor’s content sorted by top performing social signals, you can see what your audience finds relevant for the same keywords you’re tracking and see where you might have gaps in your own site content.

The Strong social signal is generally a mascot of great engagement and continuous activity, which not only establishes them but lead people to connect and propagate brand’s content. The benefit of a social signal is always huge as Google sees that people are finding it worth and how their web pages and social media are connected and driving traffic to and fro.

  • Content Curation Can Be Your Biggest Relief

If you are one team member or limited sized team where creating content on regular basis is uphill task. You can easily resort to content curation technique and you still can establish your authority in your niche.  But mind it here that curation should not be published in original form. You need to add insight and mention the source where you are taking it from.

  • You Have Goldmine Of Old Content (Evaluate, Edit, and Republish with new insight)

This is one of the best ways to fall back on your old and performing content, which brands or marketer tend to forget. This can be done in two ways

1-Repupose in different formats like video, PDF, info-graphics with addition of new thought or insights

2-Edit and republish them with new information on technology, update or upgrade on products or services for your audience in the same format.

Repurposing is good for the industry where a company has the product with not much features and upgrade they can repurpose it. Whereas there is variation, new information or update then republishing is an ideal strategy.

  • Trigger A Daily Email Alert On KPIs To Your Inbox

Daily analysis and alert on important KPIs are imperative and this gives you understanding that how your site overall performing. That is ranking of your keywords, traffic summary, Key performing channels or recommendation summary. You cannot walk up to content and SEO team every day as a routine task. So assign email alert to yourself so that you know what you need to talk to them while discussing the overall SEO and content strategy together.

  • HTML Data Implementation Through MicroData From Schema.org

As an SEO expert or manager, your job is to dart a look at this part. You would want your site to be more defined structurally and adhere to good schema practices. This helps you enhance your visibility and engagement by adding some markup data vocabularies to your HTML page. You want your site to be rich in the snippet, show up breadcrumb navigation in the search result, Search snippet box and review of your product. These all helps you differentiate and let your users know who you are.

You can read about Schema here

Why Schema Is Important And How To Implement Structured Data

  • Page With At Least 2000 Words Article.

Google has been acknowledging the site which has fresh and rich content both length-wise and freshness-wise.

It is generally seen that new site has always less or often lack content that is where old domain outfoxes the new domain in ranking

1500 words plus article is good but if you are new site then it is recommended to flash your site with length and richness both.

As per study from SerpIQ, Domains with more than 10 years of age have generally contents longer than 2000 words compared to the new domains.

  • Meta Tags Should Have Semantic Variation Of Keywords

Keyword stuffing and manipulation have lost and ebbed away from the memory of new budding SEO specialist. An old school of thought says that Keyword density should not be more than 2% and that’s reason long content is suggested with Semantic variation. So when you define your keywords you should know what are the possible similar words describing the content. Google has been talking about LSI based keywords since a long time so it is the right time to deploy this rule in you Meta tags.

You can use the main keyword in URL and Title but use an important part of the content as the description with the help of semantic keyword.

Latent semantic indexing

                                             Source: Search Engine Journal

Resources:   What Is Latent Semantic Indexing

                     How LSI Works

  • Don’t Expose Your Site To Search Engine Until It Fully Ready.

This gaffe is more than often committed by site owners and they expose their site to crawlers and as a result, it gets indexed. This becomes a messy later to drop the entire site from indexation and get re-indexation of each page manually.

Use “No Index and No follow” tag in your site’s header and also define the robot.txt file at the root of the domain. This tells the search engine not to crawl the site and its content.

It is easy in word press site, which can be done in privacy setting. Even if you are using c panel, you can protect it too from there with the help of your developer.


Implementation part is not tough provided you should know as webmaster your task in hands. There are plenty of checklists available across the web word. But only fewer important ingredients make your site searchable. You need to understand the goal of SEO like content planning and optimization,  keywords analysis and grouping them and its Competitive landscape, Your KPIs and last but not the least continuous update on new rules and changing dynamics of SEO industry. I am sure you will agree with me on that. Apply these tips to give impetus to your effort to optimize the site.

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