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At the outset of this article, let me tell you what exactly does white hat link building mean? This is a practice to earn reputation and trust from the good and relevant sites in the domain for which contents have been written

If you ask any content marketing expert that what is the objective of writing content, and then they will tell you two things 1-They need lots of audience talking and consuming content and wants to build high-quality white hat backlinks from reputed sites. So that their content has more impetus and great authenticity in the eyes of Google or other search engines. 2-They need ROI of their hard work poured in creating and publishing content.

It is not surprising that getting audience eyesight and time spent on the blogs, article and their sharing comes from great and rational content? Then why one should work on focusing on creating a quality back link for their content from other blog sites or network when our blog is great and audience oriented. When people talk about your content, it attracts traffic on your blog and brands or other bloggers love to share or sight reference in their articles.

Content marketing holds sway, writing mindful and relevant contents to get indexed by Google and have more chances of being ranked.

White hat Backlink techniques play an integral role in off page SEO. Below graph spiffily explains the relevancy of Google search result.

Google has been correcting its path to returning great user experience as it is already hard pressed with same queries by different searches across the globe with different requirement against queries. It becomes a more uphill task for Google to match the intent of users. So it does the favor by giving the most logical and greatly valued content to them. It retrieves information from its indexed pages stored in a millions capacity storage server.

Quality back links= High Authority site+ relevant content+ trust

Relevancy illusion

Source: calculate marketing


Panda and Penguin update have flushed out almost great chunk of unscrupulous marketers, whose intention were to stuff the content with most irrelevant keywords and to fetch low-quality links by using  black hat link building SEO techniques from websites, which did not have relevancy of content and nor any connection

Things have changed now, “only epic content” is being intoned by the awakened marketer in their frequent blogging. This new mantra is creating lots of waves and has started making marketer emphasizing more on their users, who have urged to explore, consume and enrich themselves with new trends in industries.

As per demand metrics 20% of internet user’s time is spent on content, so create an epic content, which your user read, enjoy, share and help you garner more conversions and emanate more high-quality backlinks from most authoritative sites.

So the objective is very clear here. If you want to earn a qualitative white hat backlink, focus more on structured approach towards building credibility and build the bridge with your audience.

I don’t want to get into the  meaning of “what exactly link building is called”. Let’s talk about some techniques, which I am sure, you as a marketer like me can be benefited

These 10 high valued advance techniques in link building, which industry top blogger talk and always mention unprecedentedly in one of the great 2015 SEO strategies for building credibility and awesome web traffic


  1. Proactive Social media presence (Choose it wisely)

I am sure everybody of us has been reading at least one blog in a day seriously or giving some cursory glance at prominent points and would have a profile on LinkedIn, facebook or Google +.  Every marketer driven by quest and never ending passion for learning new things as per penchant the for particular subject would have subscribed to at least one group or community in their fields. Social media is a great way for publishing and sharing images, infographics, and blogs etc.  So use social media to boost your post and reach out to target audience. Most of the marketers have been committing blunders by being present in all platforms and publishing their content. It is very important where your audience is. Find your audience, create, publish and share your content.

  1. Guest Blogging a pivotal technique to earn backlinks

It is one the best and time taking techniques, it is always dependent upon the trust you are creating through your content with replenishment of facts and figures. Though Google doesn’t acknowledge the spamming guest blogging on irrelevant and low authority sites. One has to be very careful while choosing guest blogging site. Some allow guest blogging, some don’t.

Guest blog posting for somebody else is a tedious job and it comes with a question, why for others? why not for self? Orbit media studio’s research say 5% bloggers do guest posting on the site other than their own.

Guest blogging


Guest posting is always a holy grail for bloggers. See how Leo Widrich co-founder from bufferApp increased customer acquisition to 100,000 from 0

  1. Be on the constant look out for internal broken links as well as  others are referring backlinks to you

A blogger has to be on toes and carefully examine where they have been mentioned if mentioned there, they are being linked. If not then let the respective site know about it and try to get them fixed and you can also analyze your presence through Google alert and mention. If your links are dead or you have moved your page to other URL, let the blogger know to fix it, who has mentioned you. So keep the records of renamed URL, abandoned URL as well as redirected URLs.  You should create a better user experience by turning 404 errors into feeding related content to both audiences and web crawlers as and when they want.


You can yourself fix your own broken or dead links by enabling chrome extension “check my link”.  I use this link checker personally, which exacts the number of broken link internally. Simultaneously go to the webmaster to check 404 errors under crawl tab to look at the error and redirect 404 to the better page to give users a seamless good experience.

You can use a free tool, which can help you analyze your broken link and can be fixed without delay by your developer.




  1. Broken link fixture on related sites through art of great Email communication:


It is quite simple if you encounter the dead link on the blogs or sites which are not that much operational talk to them by scuttling an email to replace it with new link landing to your content page similar to the broken links. They may feel happy for the same and can oblige you by giving you link back to your URL in the form of anchor text or mention of site page URL. This technique can be used to find a prospect for your business that may unaware about broken links or may be lacking skills, resources to fix all those niggling errors.


  1. Spy on your competitor’s backlinks:

Entire work will wither away if you cannot keep an eye on your competitor. Competitors are the best source of making our product and service strong, Follow their link building tactics and  find out who is linking them to their site. It is quite simple to check through available tools like SEMRUSH and open site explorer.

The first step is to put the query in the search bar with your keyword and find out 5 top organic results, those are your competitors in the same domain. Enter their URL in above tools and look at the backlinks what they have acquired. So keeping the complete competitive analysis with the vengeance may be rewarding for framing the back linking strategy.


Anchor test in this result was embedded to link back to healthcare site here from referring title/page URL on the left.


  1. Follow principle of reciprocity

You cannot demand a favor until you do the same. This law holds water in link building techniques. Lots of top websites like Hubspot, Entrepreneur, Copyblogger and other renowned sites pattern on the same principal. They are competing for your attention but also helping each other to create strong user-centric unfaltering echo system.

A famous axiom from my economic teacher during my MBA “Nothing is free in this word, what you request to get, what you have to pay for the request later”

Ralene Berry – Speaker & Author pronounce the art of reciprocity in his blogs, The Rule of Reciprocity, rec·i·proc·i·ty, can be defined as “a conditioned response where people are compelled to return the kindness of a gift, even if they really don’t want to”.

If you want to become great blogger then you have to have great networking as networking is not always business but it is a tacit support to cement each other’s objective somewhere. Great networking will have good ROI always.


  1. Create your own pool of researches, facts and studies, and infographics

This may little tedious job for a marketer, but the fact of matter is that scrappy techniques can prove to be one of the fantastic backlinking building technique, It is found that a  marketer who publishes a white paper, unbiased researchers on industry trends, products and services make its customer agog. And even more of the great sites prefer to provide unconditional back linking for those facts and data. Because it is also good for their reader who love to stay engaged with them. See how infographics are being used to attract, acquire and convert customers.



As per a study visual information is more eye-catching and engaging than pure text.

visual information

Source: neoman.com

Marketingshepa keeps augmenting its audience with continuous enriching researches

  1. Keep Resourceful articles or blogs on your site in “list format or how to format”

Nobody can create content based on assumption, it is created with utmost effort and diligent reading, analyzing and collecting it. If you have been writing continuously or published great articles, keep them stored in your website for the reference of your audience and blogger community. That information can find mention in one of their articles or blogs in future. So nothing goes waste in this universe so keep believing this instinct and always do your best to let this universe know about your chaste intention. it is also advisable to showcase great blogs too in your site and try to become a thought leader by sharing and feeding great insightful articles of your favorite author to your audience. Look at Copy blogger, HubSpot, Entrepreneur,  Social Media Examiner, Huffington Post, Jeff Bullas. They have  compiled the list of really good blogs on their site to help their audience enjoy great knowledge bank at the same place.


How to format can be like this “How to build a great wordpress website in three minutes


  1. Keep following influencers, nurturing relationship and networking with fellow bloggers cum expert in the industries.

When you are creating great blogs and that is not being talked about then what is the use of that hard work pumped into its creation.  Do more offline meetings, keep following influencers, your fellow bloggers and keep attending seminars and networking events, which have brighter chances of you being in cognizance. What you need to create is your brand, once it is built, it will be a driving force for the success of upcoming blogs and that can be instrumental in earning a white hat backlink from them. Step out and let them know that how much you admire them and follow their brevity of subject and their resourceful articles.

  1. Build your content based on Skyscraper techniques.

As the name “skyscrapers” itself suggest a mammoth and huge, which is sky touching. This is purely making your content bigger, better and richer in the same domain. Example: if you are writing anything in health care and you can find out what are the blogs already written in this field. You can scrape out from trending blogs in your domain and create strategies around it. I tell you how

Step 1: Find content which has good number of backlinks

Use Buzzsumo , Choose a keyword to say “nutrition-based health food” and run query and review the backlinks



Step 2: choose two or three blogs, Review them and write content which can outnumber that in length, data, facts, insights, more up-to-date and curiosity.

Step 3: Reach out to the right people

Follow step number 5 “Spy on your competitor’s backlinks”:


  1. Just be Natural to yourself and keep doing your hard work

Rather than running amuck for getting lots of visitors, just be cool and focus on creating valuable content. There will be initial hiccups, but those will be for some time and will automatically drop away from your path. Maybe first few blogs may not be creating enough ripple, but refinement and finesse will descend over the period of time to craft a more determined path for you. Just have the intent of being successful bloggers, visualize yourself amongst the noble communities of great bloggers. Rest will follow itself.


Above strategies of link building are helpful to boost the ranking in SERP with Google and your brand recognition. These white hat techniques are sure future of any SEO agency, who has clearly defined the objective to serve its client in more structured and uniform way. There is no shortcut to bring a spike in traffic but a steady and calculated approach can fetch desirable result in the long term. The educating customer is more important than being educated on the technology. Bring more value to your content or content which you are creating for customers. Purpose is always ROI


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